Tsugami B0125-II Swiss Turning Center

Tsugami B0125-II Swiss Turning Center

Stock Number: 6608

Tsugami B0125-II

Age: 2014

Condition: Excellent

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Equipped With:
12mm Capacity Swissturn
Designed For Superior Flexibility
Electronic Integral Motor Guide Bushing
Easy Access Tool Zone
Sub Side Cross Drilling
Chucker Kit -- allows you to convert your B0125-II from a traditional sliding headstock
(5) Turning stations
(4) Cross milling stations (2) ER16 (2) ER11
(8) Static back working
(4) Static forward working

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Tsugami B0125-II Swiss Turning Center
Silverlight CNC, Inc.
135 Park Ave #200
Barrington, Illinois 60010


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